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Wake Windows: The Comprehensive Guide

Wake windows explained!

Why do I have to sleep train or sleep coach my baby?

A baby’s sleep is not just important for your sanity as the parent; it’s fundamental for the baby’s development.

Should I follow wake windows or a flexible nap schedule?

What is best for my baby? Should I be using wake windows? Or should I put baby on a schedule?

Signs of an Overtired Baby or Overtired Newborn?

How to know when baby is overtired; and what to do about it.

Which sleep training method should I choose?

Should you choose Ferber, Cry-it-out, or a "gentle" sleep training approach? Let us help you decide.

Why is my baby crying so much during sleep training?

Jenica explores the complex relationship between crying and sleep training while evaluating the research cited by Cry-It-Out opponents.

How should I adjust my baby's Nap Schedule for Doctor's Appointments?

Doctor's appointments can be disruptions to any baby's sleep. Learn how Lovebug's Head Sleep Coach recommends dealing with doctor trips.

Prepare your baby's sleep schedule for Summer Travel

Learn from pediatric sleep experts on how to prepare your baby for summer adventures and the resulting sleep disruptions.

How to help an overtired baby be less fussy

Learn tips and tricks to help your baby recover from an interrupted night of sleep.

Do Babies Dream? Of course!

Ever wonder if babies dream? They definitely do! It helps them figure out the world around them and make neural connections.

Can I Help My Newborn Sleep?

Understand how to help newborns sleep a bit better by changing their surroundings.

How do I transition from a bassinet to a crib?

When you are ready, let's cover how to transition from the bassinet to the crib.

Should I use a pacifier to help my baby sleep?

Time to lose the pacifier? Or maybe keep it around? Learn how pacifiers affect sleep and how to make an informed choice.

How do I choose a sleep training approach?

Ready for the 4-month regression? Learn about the sleep training approaches and how to choose one that works for you.

Lovebug Sleep Training Philosophy

Understand the Lovebug approach to Sleep Training and how we support your family in your choice.