Should I use a pacifier to help my baby sleep?

Time to lose the pacifier? Or maybe keep it around? Learn how pacifiers affect sleep and how to make an informed choice.

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Babies are born with the innate need to suck. Sucking can be soothing to them, and this is why some babies 👶🏼 LOVE their pacifier. Do you have a paci loving little one? If so, you will likely find yourself running into their room in the middle of the night to replace the paci. ⁠

When we work with clients, we recommend watching your babe to see if they want the pacifier to SOOTHE or if they want the pacifier to SLEEP. If you think baby is primarily using the pacifier to soothe themselves, you might want to test gently removing the pacifier right as their eyes start to close at the end of your bedtime or nap routine. Then put them in their crib. You'd be surprised at how many babies we work with don't actually want the pacifier to sleep - this helps you avoid many trips in the middle of the night when the pacifier falls out, is pulled out, is thrown out, etc.⁠

However, not all babies are like that! Here are some tips for our paci-lovers that might just help keep mom and dad in bed a little bit longer😴.⁠

🌧️ It's raining pacifiers! If losing a paci in the night is a trouble you are having, sprinkle a few pacis around the crib while baby is watching. This way they will be able to feel around for a pacifier when it's lost in the night⁠.⁠ How many you ask? Use them all! 8-10! ⁠

During wake time, have baby practice putting the pacifier back in his/her mouth without assistance. For our younger paci lovers, they might not yet have the dexterity skills to put a pacifier back in to their mouth. Practice makes perfect! Start by demonstrating to them how to take the pacifier in and out of your own mouth. Once they have observed you practicing this new skill, give them two pacifiers to hold, one for each hand. Baby will have to choose which to put in their mouth. Practice daily until they have mastered the art of putting the pacifier in their mouth. ⁠

Once they have mastered this, move to putting the pacifier on the floor. With practice, baby will be able to replace their own pacifier at night = game changer for mom and dad! ⁠

Now, let's talk weaning. Have no fear, when that time comes, your Lovebug app 📱 will be here to help 💪🏻.

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