What we do.

Our mission is to help families thrive. Our mobile application guides parents with daily updates through a personalized baby sleep plan that gets their baby to sleep through the night and take long, predictable naps - giving parents back time and lowering stress.

Each day, the Lovebug App evaluates an individual baby’s rest level and identifies unique sleep challenges with a proprietary algorithm. Based on the analysis, Lovebug presents a just-in-time, personalized sleep plan that honors the parents’ preferences. As part of the just-in-time sleep plan, a pediatric sleep expert leads the family in streamed video lessons to help them correct current sleep issues. The result... easier nights and longer, more predictable naps! These results give parents happier children and time back to work, sleep, clean or play.

Our Lovebug parents have well-rested children, resulting in more sleep, personal time, and quality of life for Mom and Dad. This streamlined parenting process brings peace of mind, consistency and efficiency to each child’s development.

How it started.

Jenica (our CEO) became interested in baby sleep when her cousin and best friend, Erica (our CMO) had her first baby, Hazel.

At the time, Jenica had designed and built software for a living, and was blessed to be able to spend a week each month with Erica, Hazel and their family. Every time she went, through 10 months, Hazel was waking up every 60 to 90 minutes during the night and taking short, unpredictable 30 minute naps. Jenica would leave thinking, “How does Erica get anything done?? Hopefully, Hazel will be sleeping the next time I'm here.” And nothing would change. 

Erica's husband was going on a work trip for 2 weeks when Hazel was 8 months old, so Jenica offered to go down and help. It was devastating. Erica was exhausted and would cry to Jenica once Hazel finally slept. She went so far as to question her ability as a mother.

As we all can attest to, it is miserable to see someone you love suffer and miss out on being true to who they want to be.

For Erica, this was being a mother, a co-worker, a wife, a friend, not to mention - a person who showers alone!! And the truth is, she’s not unique in her struggle. This was the moment that made Jenica's blood boil. She quit her job to apply and later graduated from the Family Sleep Institute, a science-backed, extensive pediatric sleep certification program.  Since then, she has worked with hundreds of families to build the Lovebug App with the help of every parent's favorite engineer, A.P. 

And this is how Lovebug was born. 

Why it matters.

Unfortunately, baby sleep is a pervasive, persistent and painful problem. Baby sleep is one of the most commonly discussed topics during child wellness visits. According to the American Family Physician, 50% of the 8.3 million U.S. families with children under 3 will face a sleep issue. Parents are hit as hard as the children, with 90% of parents getting less than seven hours of sleep per night, and mothers specifically getting between one to three hours of sleep a night during the first 6 months. Fathers get 3x that amount, but it's not continuous, restful sleep. Adult sleep deprivation has been proven to decrease attention, hinder working and long-term memory, inhibit decision making and logical reasoning, contribute to impulsiveness, and impair judgement. All valuable skills in the paid workforce.

Modern parents of children under 3 rely on predictable, long naps to work without distractions and require a good night sleep to do their job well. The problem is, parents of babies and toddlers are on their own to read 700-page books, search the internet, and interpret conflicting sleep advice into a sleep plan that works for them on an ongoing basis. What's worse is that women are faced with the extra burden of having to "plan" for the family.

We want to help change that.

Many think that children will outgrow a sleep problem, however, a child’s sleep needs change every 1-2 months until age 3 due to brain development and feeding changes.  How does a parent keep up with the latest advice suited to their child’s age?  In order for a sleep plan to work, families require an adaptable, dynamic solution that can grow with the child. 

Lovebug’s algorithm has been able to help babies sleep well with an easy, personalized method. Our families have reported a more balanced child care burden between female and male parents. Our families report reduced anxiety and increased confidence. Our advice is approachable and actionable, and each parent and caregiver can view the child’s progress at their own time and pace.  

To our customers.

Thank you for letting us build products to help you. Thank you for expressing what you want and need. The Lovebug team is honored and incredibly excited to dedicate their time and skills to help families, like Erica's, thrive by focusing on the most painful, persistent and pervasive root cause of parental struggles - baby sleep. Please don't hesitate to shoot us a note about what's working and what's not working for your family.

We are here to listen.

Jenica, A.P. and Erica