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Lovebug gives your baby, and you, longer, more restful sleep - quickly and safely.

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A baby sleep app in your pocket.

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Watch online sleep classes

A sleep coach explains healthy sleep foundations in under 10 minutes.

Coach your child (with a guide!)

Get in-the-moment guidance for night wakings, routines, naps and more.

Wake to data-backed solutions

Understand your baby’s sleep quality from daily activity insights.

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Welcome from your Sleep Coach.

Hi! I’m Jenica, the Founder of Lovebug and your personal certified pediatric sleep consultant.

I’ll be with you each step of the way. We'll start with establishing routines, continue with the tricky 4-month sleep regression, and navigate every transition until 24 months. We’re in this together.


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Get personalized, practical sleep tips.

Guidance from certified sleep consultants.

Your bite-sized lessons are based on your parenting style, & your child’s biology. No more books and blogs.

See Lesson Library
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Baby nap schedules in a mobile app.

Lovebug guides your family through your plan in-the-moment, helping your baby reach their sleep goals faster.

Find Your Schedule
The Lovebug dynamic schedule that updates as your baby ages. Showing is the wake window calculation for your child, when the next scheduled nap is, and a baby nap schedule for the day based on your child's age within a mobile phone view. There are three call outs of "Your baby sleep schedule", "Automatically makes nap transitions", and "Miss a nap? Early bedtime" highlighting where the features exist on the app screen.

Online sleep classes unique to your baby.

Your plan gets more specific when you track activity. Teach us what’s troubling your little one, and we update the plan.

Make your Plan
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"The quickest way to get your baby sleeping."

By Melissa, Mother to Maverick (6 months) and Violet (3 years)

“I research baby sleep A LOT. Lovebug gave me helpful tips and tricks, for sure, but the daily support on what problems to focus on, and HOW to apply solutions to my child was worth its weight in gold.”

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Did you know? We are FSA and HSA eligible!

For those of you who don’t know, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a health plan that you can use to pay for copayments, deductibles, medical expenses, and more.

As the sleep training industry is relatively new, there are a few ways how you can be eligible for FSA. The expenses of sleep training may be covered under medical care for a newborn or under health institute fees. The health institute fee category includes the costs of health-related courses, workshops, retreats, and more.

To have your sleep training costs approved for FSA, you need to:
- Get in touch with your FSA administrator before hiring a sleep trainer.
- Your FSA administrator will inform you of what paperwork will be required.
- You may need to issue a letter of medical necessity (LSN) that you can get from your pediatrician.
- Call your pediatrician and ask how you can get the letter. I’m sure they will be happy to - help.
- You may be required to prepay for sleep consulting and send your receipt to FSA.

Contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

Join our family!

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