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An illustration of a dedicated father holding their toddler. The father and baby are smiling because they are part of a well rested family who survived nap transitions and sleep regressions with ease.

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We are always updating our product to provide you with the best tools for baby sleep. Whether it's new expert-led lessons for your child's age or new tools to make nap training a breeze, we are so excited to keep innovating.

A baby nap schedule in a mobile application that updates based on short naps, early wakings and your child's sleep level.

The Dynamic Schedule.

A GPS for baby sleep. It helps you predict newborn naps and grows with you to help you set a flexible nap schedule. It updates daily to match your baby to guide you through nap transitions, missed naps, and early bedtimes, too!

A library of baby sleep lessons led by pediatric sleep experts to walk you through all the stages of baby sleep.

The Lesson Library.

Get foundational lessons for baby sleep based on your child’s age. Or, get your popcorn and binge-watch expert-led lessons for your baby’s struggles.

A preview of the Lovebug baby sleep app's notifications, including one about an upcoming nap approaching, one about an upcoming nap transition, and one about a new baby sleep video lesson.

A heads up.

We’ve introduced notifications to alert you about imminent naps and warn you about upcoming nap transitions and brain leaps.

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"The quickest way to get your baby sleeping."

By Melissa, Mother to Maverick (6 months) and Violet (3 years)

“I research baby sleep A LOT. Lovebug gave me helpful tips and tricks, for sure, but the daily support on what problems to focus on, and HOW to apply solutions to my child was worth its weight in gold.”

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