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A picture of Jenica, the founder of Lovebug and a certified sleep consultant from the family sleep institute.

Meet Your Sleep Coach

As a pediatric sleep consultant, certified by the Family Sleep Institute, Jenica is trained in all of the baby sleep training techniques.

Not only will she help you choose the right method for sleep training, Jenica will guide you through every ongoing milestone, nap transition, and regression.

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a baby with sunglasses on and the words nap transitions

Baby Nap Transitions: The Comprehensive Guide

Let Lovebug help you transition from one nap transition to the next with the Lovebug dynamic baby nap schedule.

Lovebug's baby sleep training app explains how to adjust wake windows and your baby's nap schedule for summer travel

Prepare your baby's sleep schedule for Summer Travel

Learn from pediatric sleep experts on how to prepare your baby for summer adventures and the resulting sleep disruptions.

Lovebug baby sleep training app's pediatric sleep consultant describes crying's role in sleep training

Why is my baby crying so much during sleep training?

Jenica explores the complex relationship between crying and sleep training while evaluating the research cited by Cry-It-Out opponents.

Lovebug's baby sleep training app describes the interval method (ferber method, takingcarababies), the chair method (gentle sleep training, fuss it out) and the extinction method (cry-it-out)

Which sleep training method should I choose?

Should you choose Ferber, Cry-it-out, or a "gentle" sleep training approach? Let us help you decide.

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