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One simple subscription to navigate every milestone in the first two years.

Limited-time Introductory Pricing!*

Lovebug Lite - Monthly

A perfect set of tools for families in maintenance mode.

Hourly updating nap schedule and rest score for maintaining healthy sleep for your baby.

Lovebug Pro - Monthly

For families looking to solve short term sleep struggles.

Our full program plus one 30 minute call with sleep coach per year**

Lovebug Pro - Annual

For families looking to thrive through every milestone.

Our full program for a year plus four 30 minute calls with sleep coach per year.**

Lovebug Live - Annual

Partner with Jenica for two weeks for guarenteed success.

Our full program plus two weeks of unlimited calls, texts and emails with our Head Sleep Consultant, Jenica.

* Introductory offer is valid for 12 months after subscription starts. Afterward, subscription will renew at $14.99 for Lite Plan, $24.99 for Monthly Plan, and $249.99 for Annual Plan.
** Phone call can be scheduled from account settings in the mobile app by the account owner after your subscription starts. Additional phone calls can be purchased by app subscribers for $350 / hour in 15-minute, 30-minute and hour increments.

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"The quickest way to get your baby sleeping."

By Melissa, Mother to Maverick (6 months) and Violet (3 years)

“I research baby sleep A LOT. Lovebug gave me helpful tips and tricks, for sure, but the daily support on what problems to focus on, and HOW to apply solutions to my child was worth its weight in gold.”

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Check out our baby sleep app!

We are always updating our product to provide you with the best tools for baby sleep. Whether it's new expert-led lessons for your child's age or new tools to make nap training a breeze, we are so excited to keep innovating.

A baby nap schedule in a mobile application that updates based on short naps, early wakings and your child's sleep level.

The Schedule.

A GPS for baby sleep. It helps you predict newborn naps and grows with you to help you set a flexible nap schedule. It updates daily to match your baby to guide you through nap transitions, missed naps, and early bedtimes, too!

A library of baby sleep lessons led by pediatric sleep experts to walk you through all the stages of baby sleep.

The Lesson Library.

Get foundational lessons for baby sleep based on your child’s age. Or, get your popcorn and binge-watch expert-led lessons for your baby’s struggles.

A preview of the Lovebug baby sleep app's notifications, including one about an upcoming nap approaching, one about an upcoming nap transition, and one about a new baby sleep video lesson.

A Heads Up.

We’ve introduced notifications to alert you about imminent naps and warn you about upcoming nap transitions and brain leaps.

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One week free trial.
A gift card for the Lovebug baby sleep mobile app.

Did you know? We are FSA and HSA eligible!

For those of you who don’t know, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a health plan that you can use to pay for copayments, deductibles, medical expenses, and more.

As the sleep training industry is relatively new, there are a few ways how you can be eligible for FSA. The expenses of sleep training may be covered under medical care for a newborn or under health institute fees. The health institute fee category includes the costs of health-related courses, workshops, retreats, and more.

To have your sleep training costs approved for FSA, you need to:
- Get in touch with your FSA administrator before hiring a sleep trainer.
- Your FSA administrator will inform you of what paperwork will be required.
- You may need to issue a letter of medical necessity (LSN) that you can get from your pediatrician.
- Call your pediatrician and ask how you can get the letter. I’m sure they will be happy to - help.
- You may be required to prepay for sleep consulting and send your receipt to FSA.

Contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.