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About the Lovebug Company

Lovebug is on a mission to see the modern day family thrive with modern day technology. We are a group of tech nerds and parents who have specialized in automation for the workplace. Now, our goal is to create that same automation in the homes of young families everywhere. We want to automate the mundane and repetitive tasks in your life and create more moments for joy and connection.

Our Product, the Lovebug Baby Sleep App

Lovebug is the life-changing, modern-day baby sleep app for newborns, infants, and toddlers that provides an incomparable, modern solution to a pervasive, persistent, and painful problem: sleep. A hybrid model of sleep coaching, our mobile app guides parents with hourly updates through a personalized baby sleep plan and if the family has trouble, we are only a consulting call or email away.

How The Lovebug Baby Sleep App Works for you

Each day, the Lovebug App evaluates an individual baby's rest level and identifies unique sleep challenges - just like a live sleep coach would. Based on the analysis, Lovebug presents a just-in-time, personalized sleep plan that honors the parents' preferences. Preferences matter - each family will choose their approach based on their style. The app has a limited crying program that starts at infancy and three methods to sleep training to match your family and baby's personality. The app also gives each family access to over 100 short video lessons based on their child's age and a daily sleep schedule that grows with and adapts to their child. Plus, Lovebug's sleep schedule gives families in-the-moment advice for when your baby skips a nap or wakes up too early. As the baby sleeps (or doesn’t sleep) throughout the day, the schedule will update, and you will see new sleep lessons for your problem that day as you log your baby's sleep through our app or through our voice assistant (who we named Frederick).

Baby sleep is not a one time thing; there is no one size fits all when it comes to developing a sleep plan for your child and we don’t treat it as such. Grounded in data and leveraging our machine learning algorithm, we customize a sleep plan for your child through a combination of mobile activity tracking, problem identification, and expert-led solutions to baby sleep problems. Similar to Netflix, the more you use Lovebug and log your child’s sleep, the better the app gets at giving you and your baby personalized next steps and telling you when your child is going to go to sleep and what might be bothering them. We track all user sleep data and apply these collective learnings to help predict other children’s sleep patterns.

How Lovebug stands out

While there are other established baby sleep players that have preceded Lovebug, there’s no comparison when it comes to results. Lovebug is convenient, accessible, cost-effective, and actionable. With bite-sized video lessons by Lovebug’s Pediatric Sleep Consultant, personalized adaptive schedules to keep your baby well rested and on track, and step-by-step guidance unique to your baby’s sleep issues from the newborn stage through the toddler years, Lovebug will guide your baby to sleeping through the night and taking longer, more restful naps.  Lovebug grows with your baby, and changes and continues to guide you day-by-day as their sleep needs change. No other solution provides this combination of in-the-moment features and results.

Lovebug is different from other options because we make customized, personal programs more accessible through our mobile app that adjust as your baby develops. The Lovebug App gives families the same in-the-moment tips as a live sleep consultant, better efficiency than an online class, and does it all at the monthly price of a book. Unlike any other program, the Lovebug app grows with your baby's brain and body leaps so you can keep your baby sleeping dependably. And dependable sleep means minimal anxiety for parents.

Lovebug’s theory is mainly focused on prevention of any problems. Through the app, families are able to get schedule updates and in the moment advise on anything that could go wrong which helps them make adjustments to brain leaps, schedule changes, body clock changes, and modern day every day issues so that they always have a consistent sleep schedule and prevent anything that could go more wrong. Most sleep coaches who meet when you already have a problem, but with Lovebug, major problems cease to exist.

Quick Facts about the Lovebug Company

Founded Date: February 14, 2020

App Release Date: May 17, 2021

Founding Team: Jenica Blechschmidt (Founder & CEO), A.P. Fritts (CTO & Co-Founder), Erica Hutchinson (CMO & Co-Founder)

HQ: Naples, FL with remote workforce

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