How to help an overtired baby be less fussy

Learn tips and tricks to help your baby recover from an interrupted night of sleep.

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So - you didn't get much sleep last night. Welcome to parenthood! You don't have the option to take the day off and sleep the day away, but there are a few things you can do to make both yourself and baby feel a bit better. ⁠

When we have a bad night's sleep, our body doesn't get the chance to detox appropriately 🤢. Lack of sleep can cause us to be more prone to illness, and less able to focus on today's tasks. Everyone is familiar with that feeling of "brain fog". The longer this sleep debt stays, the longer our bodies and brains suffer. ⁠

On the day after a poor night's sleep, you can take small actions to help detox both your body and your baby's body and get the body clock back on track:⁠
🍼 Drink drink drink. Fluids are essential to help our bodies flush out toxins. For <6 month old babes, that means extra formula and breastmilk. ⁠

🥝 If you child is >6 months, focus on eating many hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables.⁠

🌞 Get outside, especially in the morning! The sun is a major regulator of the body clock. Expose your child to sunlight first thing in the morning to get those cells working.⁠

🥤Fill the sleep cup. Getting back on track means adding more sleep the next day. If your child woke up a <2 times or woke up 2 hours earlier than normal, add a catnap in the afternoon. If they were up more than 4 times, focus on an extra early bedtime. Contrary to popular belief, this early bedtime won't cause your child to wake up earlier than normal. ⁠

In no time, you'll see some mood changes and will be back on track!⁠

Not feeling sure when to add a catnap, or when is the appropriate bedtime? When you log your baby's sleep in the Lovebug app 📱, the app will know you're recovering from a rough night, and will adjust your schedule accordingly! No thinking necessary on your end. Let Lovebug do the work!

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