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3 options: what to do when your nap schedule is thrown off!

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Nap Disruptions.

Whether you're traveling this week or just anticipate extra excitement, we'll cover how to maintain a happy and well-rested lovebug! We love holidays because of the influx of family faces , additional sweets (HELLO pumpkin pie! 🥧), and lack of schedule 🥳. But while *we* love these things, these things can create a tiny holiday monster in your overtired baby! ⁠At Lovebug, we know that sometimes nap schedules can go haywire and things go off track, and that's ok! We are all about doing our best to maintain a well-rested state. Well-rested isn't great sleep every night, nor is it perfect naps every day. Well-rested means that we prioritize enough sleep to fuel our baby's brains 🧠 so that they can easily socialize with new faces, explore their world, and be adaptable when things go off track. Research shows sleep has so many magical qualities that keep us healthy and in tip-top mental shape. One of the most significant benefits of sleep is that it keeps babies and toddlers adaptable and curious. When a toddler or baby feels well-rested, they are more likely to approach new scenarios calmly and feel brave towards new things. 

Why is it that holiday events seem to always fall smack in the middle of nap time? This can cause a lot of stress for some parents. Please, don't let a nap disruption put a damper on your holiday celebration. So, what do you do when you know you're not going to be able to offer baby a nap during their usual nap time? If you find yourself in this situation, my suggestion to you is to evaluate these options and decide what might work best for you, your baby, and your family.

Option A: Pull Nap in Earlier

Difficulty: Hard

Payoff: High 

Your personal schedule updates hourly to adapt to short or missed naps.

One of the most challenging things for humans is that we don't sleep when we want to sleep. We can force ourselves to wake up, but the onset of sleep can only be shifted by about 15 minutes each day. With babies, it's no different. 

If you have a solid nap routine that you have consistently done every day, this option becomes possible. Start your nap routine 15 minutes before your scheduled time (whether you are using your own schedule or the Lovebug schedule), and start your routine in its usual steps. You might find that it takes your baby a few extra minutes to fall asleep, but they will still get rest for their bodies. When it's time to leave for your event, go ahead and wake them gently. 

The risk is medium here because your baby might not take a nap at all. If you haven't made a strong association with your nap routine, your baby may not settle at this earlier time and start to fuss. The fussing could cause an adrenaline rush, and then you will have to forfeit the nap.  The payoff is highest if you can do this option because sleep that is not in motion is the most restorative sleep. And we like that.

Option B: Nap in the Car

Difficulty: Medium

Payoff: Medium

If you are driving a distance to attend your event, this option could work for you. This option is the one that I would choose because it's low risk and not too tricky. You do a shortened routine and lay your baby in their car seat with a white noise track playing. If where you're traveling to is close t you, you could get into the car a bit earlier than you would otherwise. If they fall asleep, you can drive around or treat yourself to a latte. You deserve it!

Once you get to you destination, there is no need to wake them up abruptly. If you can remove your car seat and let them stay sleeping, go ahead and do that. They will probably wake shortly after arriving because there is a scenery change.

Wake up knowing how well-rested your little one is each day.

This option is likely to get you the most amount of sleep with the least amount of effort. The only downfall is that the sleep tends to be more "junk sleep" because the sleep is in motion. However, as a sleep consultant, I would choose this option when the child is fairly well-rested. It won't bug them too much. The risk is that your baby doesn't sleep in the car, but when it time it well and do your best to set conditions for a nap on the go, you can mitigate the risk. 

Option C: Skip or Split Nap

Difficulty: High

Payoff: Low

Another option is to skip or split your nap. 

To skip the nap, you would not offer your baby the nap and then keep them up until their next scheduled nap. Keeping them awake will be the best option to keep them on their preferred schedule. If it's your last nap of the day, an early bedtime is always an option.

Some will split the nap into two car naps - I would advise against this option. The reason is that it's going to make your baby's body clock confused on when to start their usually scheduled. It can result in a couple of days of disrupted naps, especially if your baby is relatively sensitive. 

No Matter What, you have an early bedtime in your pocket.

Lovebug will notify you when an early bedtime is appropriate! 

Ultimately, you are going to know the best option for your family and baby. There is usually so much more going on with holiday events, and the added stress of a nap schedule is something we want to be the least of your worries. When your baby is a good sleeper, they will bounce back quickly. We always will recommend an early bedtime on disrupted days. If you have trouble getting back on a schedule, try Lovebug's dynamic schedule or talk to us at one of our free Thursday Instagram Live Sessions. Follow us at @thelovebuglife on Instagram for reminders. Everyone is welcome to join. 

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