Do Babies Dream? Of course!

Ever wonder if babies dream? They definitely do! It helps them figure out the world around them and make neural connections.

Lovebug, LLC

We've all watched our babies sleep 🥰. Ever look at them and think...they must be having a good dream??? Of course you have!! So, do babies really dream?

YOU BET THEY DO! Fun fact: babies actually develop REM sleep in the womb. REM sleep helps humans process what happened during the day, and prepare ⚔️ for upcoming situations.

But what do they dream about? Babies are learning and taking in SO MUCH the first year of life. We've all been in the position where baby is sleeping well, then suddenly they'll hit a particularly rough patch of sleep and don't know why. When this happens, your baby is probably about to go through a major developmental leap! When learning new skills, babies will use their dreams to run through new situations and practice for rolling over, crawling 🚼, walking🚶, and even talking 🗣️. ⁠

REM sleep develops first, and the other kind of sleep, deep sleep, develops around 4 months. This sleep is more restorative for the body 💪🏻. You can expect your child to have more head and neck control or even roll over when their deep sleep develops!

This is Lovebug baby Hazel. She's obviously having a very good dream! She is likely either dreaming about boobies...practicing lifting her head up...or boobies! 🤪

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