Lovebug's Travel Must-Haves

At the request of our Lovebug community, we have put together this list of products. We do receive kick-backs and have decided to donate 100% of those proceeds to a monthly charity. This month's is PFLAG.
Where we can pass on discounts to you, we do. Happy Sleeping!

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Create a good sleep environment on-the-go

Travel Sound Machine: LectroFan Alpha

Great for kids and great for adults! The LectroFan is great because they are really small and can be charged for up to 14 hours of sound machine bliss. We recommend one in each bag so that you are never without it.

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On-the-go Cover: Milk Snob

The Milk Snob is great for travel because it's multi use. We recommend it for creating a good sleep space for a nap on-the-go. It also makes a great breastfeeding cover when feeding in public.

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A picture of the slumberpod baby tent.

Ultimate Black Out: Slumberpod

We love the Slumberpod for babies over 4 months. It creates an environment of total darkness that makes babies feel very safe and is especially great for if you are sharing a room with your baby while on vacation. Our $20 off discount code is LOVEBUG20.

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Black Out Shades: Amazon Suction Curtains

If you travel a lot, these will be helpful for you. However, our sleep coach Jenica is notorious for instead opting for black trash bags and painters tape. While it takes longer, it's useful to use the black trash bags cause then you can just throw them out.

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Stay Adaptable On-the-go

Travel Stroller: Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller

This stroller goes everywhere with Erica, our CMO. Whether she's traveling or not. It folds up so small that it can fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane! If you have a little one, the car seat adapters are a must!

Buy Babyzen YOYO2

Travel Crib: Baby Joy Travel Crib

Each are a little different, but we like how easy this one is to pack up for when you are going longer distances. Also, ask where you are going if they have something you can rent. There are usually lots of options and then you can bring your own sheets. (We actually don't have a strong preference here.)

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Eating: Summer Pop 'n Sit

If we could recommend ONE THING. It would be this. Your baby will love sitting at eye level with everyone at the table and it will keep them occupied for the entire meal because they are able to look around from a good angle. Plus, they look so cute!

Buy Pop 'n Sit

You didn't know you need it: Travel Bottle Cleaner

There is a lot of gross bacteria that can get caught in your baby's bottles, especially while traveling. This on-the-go brush will help you still get those hard to find places that can build up bacteria and disease.

Buy Oxo Tot

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