What are a baby's wake windows?

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Silliness at nap time🤪? We have NO TIME for that. But what do you do?⁠

You've researched nap schedules, found one online, and are applying it to your child - GREAT! 👏🏻 But, remember, those nap schedules are very generalized. How do you adjust it to YOUR child.⁠

Let's look at the typical 2 nap schedule:⁠
Wake: 7am⁠
Nap 1: 10am ⁠
Nap 2: 1pm ⁠
Bedtime: 6:30pm⁠

But, what if your child is not showing ANY sleepy 😴 signs at 1pm? In fact, they are being incredibly silly and making noises and jumping around in their crib when you put them in it? So, maybe you push back nap time until they are more tired and will go down easier. ⁠

That makes sense for sure, but think to yourself. Are you ever sooo tired at 9pm, but then you're really into a TV show 📺 so you stay up a little longer? And then you aren't tired at ALL at 11pm, and don't go to sleep at 12pm? It's because your body goes into a fight or flight mode to keep you awake 👀 . Your body surges adrenaline into your veins to keep you awake and alert. It feels like you can't sleep now, because danger is present and it empowers you with extra energy. Then you're watching youtube videos of carpool karaoke until 1am...🤦🏼‍♀️

THAT is what is happening to your child. When you miss the sleep window, your baby gets a similar surge of adrenaline. It shows up in babies 👶🏼 as being hyper, silly, bouncy, talkative, irritable, crying or fussy. As adults, we often interpret the hyper, silly, bouncing as being not tired, but actually, they were tired 15 minutes earlier.⁠

If you find yourself with a silly, hyper, talkative baby during their nap routine, odds are you missed the nap window. We recommend you pull your nap time a bit earlier to meet the window. Move your nap time earlier by 5-10 minutes each day, and see how baby reacts. When you have the ideal nap time for your baby, they should be sleeping longer, & taking more restful naps. When you time it correctly, baby should be happy and calm during their routine. ⁠

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