16 Weeks - 2nd Sleep Milestone!

At 16 weeks, your little one knows the difference between day and night. It's time for a diurnal schedule using the Lovebug app.

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The 4 month sleep regression feels daunting, but you should actually welcome it! At 16 weeks (adjusted age if premature), your baby now has day sleep organization! This means that your little one knows the difference between day ☀️ and night 🌙, leading to more structured naps (3 a day), and more night sleep consolidation (FINALLY!!!) 🌙😃💤. ⁠You can also start sleep training! ⁠

You will likely see the morning nap develop first, meaning your baby will always show sleepy signs at the same time. And, the mid-day and afternoon nap will develop after that. We want you to focus on the first nap first, and don't worry about a strict schedule the rest of the day, quite yet. After the first nap develops, then move on to the second and third naps. ⁠

Your baby will be getting a lot of REM sleep in the first morning nap, causing this nap to be MENTALLY RESTORATIVE. This morning nap aids in the maturation of their rapidly learning brain 🧠 early in life = it is important for all of the new and exciting things they are about to learn! ⁠
The mid-day and afternoon naps are PHYSICALLY RESTORATIVE 💪🏽 and will fall into place once the morning nap is solidified. ⁠

The Lovebug app 📱 will give you all of the tools and guidance you need to get your naps more structured, and your night sleep more consolidated. In fact, you might see a tip or two on how to reach this milestone faster. The Lovebug app will provide short video lessons on areas your baby might be struggling with, personalized daily schedules, and more! ⁠

Stay tuned for our next post, more to come on night sleep at 4️ months! ⁠

Congrats on hitting this milestone, you're doing great!!!! ⁠

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