Celebrate the 4 Month Sleep Regression with Lovebug!

The 4-month sleep regression is so tricky because that's when your baby moves from wake windows to a clock schedule.

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You feel like you have DONE IT!! Your baby is around 4 months old. He/she is giving you longer stretches at night (typically 4-6 hours), and you may have even gotten baby on a more predictable nap schedule. Then BAM 👊🏼, just when you have it all figured out he/she is waking up multiple times a night, and not napping well. WHYYYYY 😭. ⁠
The often dreaded 4 month sleep regression is likely the culprit! ⁠

The great news about this sleep regression is that it is happening for an AWESOME reason, baby is going through a major developmental stage 🧠. He/she is all consumed with becoming the master of things like rolling over, pulling him/herself up, or crawling. They are also becoming very aware 👀 of their surroundings, which are much more exciting than sleeping 💤! ⁠

How do I handle this regression?? Tips:⁠
1) Extra coffee ☕⁠
2) Download the Lovebug app📱for step-by-step guidance! ⁠
3) Spend most of your focus on a consistent routine. A lot of times bad habits are formed during this regression, which you want to avoid. Bad sleep habits, like becoming dependent on feedings, being held, or pacifiers, will make this regression last longer and, in some cases, never end. Stay consistent with good sleep associations that don't require you to be in the room with your babe. Things like a sound machine that lasts all night or falling asleep without your presence. These are great because when the babe wakes during the active part of their sleep cycle, they will notice everything is the same, and go back to bed with minimal fuss.⁠

With consistency the regression should last about 2 weeks or less. ⁠

EXTRA TIP) Try to avoid using extra feedings to get baby back to sleep. Providing more feedings 🍼 than baby is used to could cause baby to expect more calories during the night, even after the regression has passed. Sticking with your usual routine will help avoid forming bad habits, which likely will stick for much longer than 2 weeks!⁠

This is One of our Lovebug babies, Axel! His momma put him in this shirt as he was going though the 4 month regression, and we just think its PERFECT! ⁠

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