The most gentle sleep training starts from birth

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Lovebug’s limited crying program gives you advice and tools to give your baby the most gentle form of sleep training.

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Is there “gentle” sleep training?

Gentle really means anything you want it to mean. There are four main sleep training methods, and any one of them could fit your family - or not.

For the most part, "gentle" sleep training will:

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  • Minimizes crying and fussing

  • Keeps adults in the room

  • Allows extended touch

How do you sleep train without “crying it out”?

A big part of gentle sleep training is meeting your baby where they are each day. To do this, you want to:

Adjust for developmental milestones

Gentle sleep training changes its approach to match your baby’s developmental progress. When you use a sleep training approach built for an 8-month-old with a 4-month-old, you can unnecessarily add stress. Instead, focus on adapting your approach to your baby’s developmental age.

Organize feeds and sleep schedule

The top reason babies take too long to fall asleep is that adults offer sleep when the baby is not tired. You can TRY everything, but if your timing is wrong, you will never have an easy time. Instead, use an adaptive schedule to match your baby’s body clock.

Keep everyone consistent

One of the most harmful habits is to have each caretaker approach baby sleep differently. Suppose Mom always rocks to sleep and Dad feeds to sleep. In that case, your baby will take longer to figure out how to fall asleep. Instead, keep it consistent for them across the family by having a common approach.

Tutorial: Using Lovebug for Gentle Sleep Training

Learn how Lovebug’s tools can support you in your journey:

Picture of the Lovebug app's lessons tab and how you get age-based lessons on baby sleep based on the child's age

Age-appropriate sleep lessons

Lovebug has 100+ baby sleep lessons that are tailored to your baby’s age. The lessons change when your baby hits new developmental milestones so that your actions always match what your baby is ready for.

Picture of the Lovebug App's adaptive, AI-powered baby nap schedule app.

Adaptable, AI-powered schedule

Lovebug presents you each morning with a fully personalized nap schedule based on your child’s age, feed schedule and sleep patterns. Then, it updates throughout the day for missed naps, short naps, long naps, and really off days. You’ll never have to question or struggle with when to offer the baby sleep.

Picture of the Lovebug app's adaptive schedule and how it will change based on your child's acivities.

Built for the whole family

Tracking your baby’s feeds, sleep, diapers, medicine, weight gain, sickness symptoms, and more is so easy with Lovebug. You can use the app to log or log through your voice with Alexa. Everyone in the family gets their own account, and the data syncs seamlessly instead of using one person’s credentials.

Picture of the Lovebug app's video lessons and how you can schedule a consulting call with a gentle sleep training specialist from the settings of the app.

Help when you want it

Lovebug has sleep consultants on staff so that if you find that you have more questions that the app cannot answer, you can send an email or schedule a call with their team. Usually, you get the sleep coach that’s in the app herself.

Gentle Sleep Training FAQs

What is the Gentlest Sleep Training Method?

Many programs will only explain one approach to baby sleep, but not Lovebug. Lovebug has four different techniques depending on your baby’s personality and your family’s parenting style. What is the “most” gentle will depend on your family and your baby. Most families who want to subscribe to attachment parenting styles will choose the Limited Crying Program or the Chair Method.

When should I start gentle sleep training?

To make it the most gentle, the best thing you can do is never teach your baby sleep habits that will hurt them later. So, start gentle sleep training between 6-8 weeks when your baby starts to social smile.

What are the top things to consider before starting Gentle Sleep Training?

Many families who want to pursue gentle sleep training should know that it will take a longer period of time, but it will work. They key will be to think of your journey as either taking a step forward or to stand in one spot for a couple of days while your baby is adjusting to the new plan. If you can plan ahead on Gentle Sleep Training and choose something that will grow with each of your baby's new milestones, you will end up having an easier time because your baby will never develop habits that don't fit with your family in the first place.

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