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Does giving a baby an earlier bedtime help them sleep later?

Usually yes. It has to do with how many sleep cycles our bodies can fit into a night. Our bodies start to prepare us for the day around 5am REGARDLESS of when we fell asleep. We get a rush of adrenaline and our bodies start to wake up. In a way, it's like a body defense mechanism. When you don't sleep much at night, our bodies defend us by waking us up anyways to eat, play, hunt a boar, etc. If too many sleep cycles end around that time, then your baby will wake earlier instead of later. Baby Sleep cycles are between 30-45 minutes and babies typically take 3 sleep cycles past 5am. Let's see an example:

Your baby goes to bed at 8pm. Let's assume that your baby is going to sleep at 8pm now. The 45 minute sleep cycles connect at:

  • 8:45PM
  • 9:30PM
  • 10:15PM
  • 11:00PM
  • 11:45PM
  • 12:30AM
  • 1:15AM
  • 2:00AM
  • 2:45AM
  • 3:30AM
  • 4:15AM
  • 5:00AM <--1 cycle past 5am
  • 5:45AM <-- 2 cycles past 5am
  • 6:30AM <-- 3 cycles past 5am

Your baby goes to sleep at 7pm. Let's assume that your baby is going to sleep at 8pm now. The 45 minute sleep cycles connect at:

  • 7:45PM
  • 8:30PM
  • 9:15PM
  • 10:00PM
  • 10:45PM
  • 11:30PM
  • 12:15AM
  • 1:00AM
  • 1:45AM
  • 2:30AM
  • 3:15AM
  • 4:00AM
  • 4:45AM
  • 5:30AM <--1 cycle past 5 am
  • 6:15AM <-- 2 cycles past 5am
  • 7:00AM <-- 3 cycles past 5am

Now, if your baby is already going to bed fairly early, there is a limit to an earlier bedtime helping you. Or, if your baby can't connect their sleep cycles yet, bedtime changes are not going to fix it. There are a number of other reasons why early morning wakings can happen that we cover in this video lesson in our app.

What is the Lovebug App?

Our sleep training app is unique to your baby, and unique to you. It doesn't matter whether your baby is an infant or a toddler. It doesn't matter if you want to use the Ferber Method, Attachment Style Parenting or Sleep Train in a weekend.
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First, you log.

When you log your baby’s activity, we keep track of over 40 metrics. Together, these metrics provide clues to underlying issues.

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Then, we analyze.

Our science-backed algorithm reviews your baby’s metrics, and identifies the causes behind sleepless nights and short naps.

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Finally… solutions!

The next morning, you will get an expert-led sleep lesson and sleep schedule that matches your current issues. Each day is unique, like you are.

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